Who is the Home Loving Explorer?

My name is Cathy and I am a childrenswear designer, living and working in London.  I love to travel and do loads of it, both for work and pleasure.
Traveling is in my blood, my mum was half Swedish, half British and born in Argentina.   My dad was Canadian and that is where I was born. I’m now married to an Australian and between us we have family and friends scattered in every corner of the globe.  Where ever I go, I always seek out interesting places to visit and great places to eat and drink!  And I want to share some of those fantastic finds with you here.

London is our home town and we really make the most living in this great city, squeezing in as much art, culture and entertainment as we can.  So I will probably be posting about some of the things that are happening in and around town.
But despite all this time I spend out and about, I’m actually quite a homebody at heart.  I love cooking, crafting and filling my home with interesting things that I have found on my travels.   So I will also be posting recipes (especially ones inspired by my travels), craft ideas and interior design inspiration from around the world.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my blog!




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