Pine Nut (Yellow) Stig Tea Towel from Skinny laMinx Homewear Design

Tea Towel Tuesday: Skinny laMinx

One of the many great things about having friends scattered all over the world, is that they introduce you to artists, makers, crafters and creatives that you might not hear about otherwise.

My Friend Apara, who lives in South Africa, recently told me about the textile and homewear company Skinny laMinx.

“a design company in Cape Town that’s all about midcentury style, scandi-inspired, japanese-crazed pattern & colour, with a dose of African chic thrown in for good measure”

Apara knew that the graphic yet playful, retro designs would be right up my street.   And she was not wrong, I love everything on the website and wish I could visit the shop in Cape Town, sadly I have no plans to visit South Africa in the near future (but will have to add a trip to my bucket list).  In the meantime I’ll enjoy this wonderful tea towel that just arrived in the post yesterday (a lovely late Christmas present).

All the Skinny laMinx products are designed by artist and illustrator Heather Moore, who started the company in 2007, making papercuts and screen prints from her small studio and selling them online, by 2012 they had open their shop in Cape Town.   And are now stocked in boutique homewear stores around the world, follow this link to find a stockist near you!

It’s very exciting news that we no longer need to drool over the Skinny laMinx products from afar.  I was delighted to discover the two UK online stockists through the wonder of the web!  I hadn’t heard of either company before, but both stock a range of desirable homewear products/prints and I’m looking forward to browsing their wares in the future.  The Swedish Fabric Company is particularly pleasing find, as I have been in need of some new bedroom curtains for a quite a while now and have struggled to find anything I found inspiring (but affordable!),  I’m hoping this could be the answer to my pattern loving prayers!

Pine Nut (Yellow) Stig Tea Towel from Skinny laMinx Homewear Pot Plant Design
Skinny laMinx Tea Towel



Skinny laMinx Shop

201 Bree Street
Cape Town 8001
South Africa

Shop hours
Mon-Fri 10am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 2pm

UK Stockists

Victoria & Abigail online shop supporting designers from around the world

The Swedish Fabric Company online fabric company specialising in in Scandinavian inspired designs


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